Who is Tressa?

“I learned the power of my gut instinct as it led me through love, heartbreak, paralysis and change.”

Without knowing a single person or where my life was going to take me, I followed my instinct and moved to California in 2010. It was scary, it was fun and it was a total shark tank! My bread company started long before I even made my first loaf of bread and it failed long before it was ever even launched. You know that picture of an iceberg that represents business and success and 95% of it is underwater where you can’t see it? YUP! That is pretty accurate!

I spent years looking for what was truly best for my mind, body and soul. I started learning how to eat, and most importantly WHAT to eat.

Every body reacts differently to foods and I am no different. For me I chose the way of eating and way of life that made me feel the best.

I chose Paleo

During one of my stints as a personal trainer (I was terrible at it by the way), I found myself mixing different superfood powders together to make my very own protein powder. At the time I could not find one with all of the health benefits I was looking for. ​

Clean. Nutritious. Organic. Delicious.

I was telling my then boyfriend about my protein drink and it hit me. I can share this with my clients! I was about to have THE BEST Paleo protein powder that ever existed!!!

One year went by and then another and another. “Soon” I would tell myself. “Almost there.”

I tried everything. I even took a year off to explore my other passions like my love for traveling. I became a flight attendant, but my gut instincts flew me out of that job and landed me right back into the Paleo grind without a seatbelt. I followed my gut through half a decade of taking 3 steps forward and 5 steps back until it happened.

I had the finished product of (in my opinion) THE BEST protein powder that ever existed! ​ But my manufacturers who had patiently been waiting seemed to have moved on and that was it. My opportunity was gone. I didn’t want a different manufacturer and I didn’t want a different outcome. I had become emotionally attached to something that had never truly existed.

I felt like I was right back where I began.

Did my gut instincts fail me?

I felt broken… but unbeknownst to me, in the process of searching for the perfect ingredients, I also found the perfect recipe to heal.

As my protein powder dreams boiled over, one of my best friends, who has always been supportive of my every move, was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder called CIDP.

In a matter of months she became paralyzed from the neck down.

She was only 32.

I wanted to heal her from the inside out. I eagerly took all of the knowledge I had collected over the past 5 years and created recipes that were anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense and fun to eat. ​

​ I found the future of Eco-Paleo... ​


My instincts were right the whole time! My gut led me EXACTLY where I needed to be before my head even had a chance to catch up. I was never meant to start my company with a paleo protein powder...I was meant to learn how to provide an outlet for people with eating restrictions and to be able to eat without feeling restricted!


After battling CIDP for over a year, my friend started taking her very first steps and do you know what she credits her healing to the most?



In the end, love can heal anything. When we share love and help one another, that’s when the magic happens.

Love each other. Love yourself. Love your body.

In honor of my friend Courtney and every other beautiful human being battling illness, from my gut to yours I bring you Eco-Paleo bread and we love your guts!