Eco-Paleo bread is not only Autoimmune friendly, but Gluten Free, non-gmo, Keto and Paleo friendly as well. Its locally made in small batches with no preservatives, hidden sugars or dyes. Each ingredient is carefully sourced to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Tressa started making her bread in honor of her best friend Courtney who developed a rare auto immune disease called CIDP. Being on a strict diet, Courtney was no longer allowed to enjoy one of her favorite foods. Bread.

Tressa went on a mission to create a bread that not only Courtney (and all others) could eat, but would taste and feel like traditional loaf bread.

so go ahead, have your bread and eat it too.



Our bread is Baked on Sundays at TKB Deli in Indio, CA.  and delivered to set locations in Orange County (until we figure out this whole shipping thing)